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Reception hours

28 apr - 18 jun
Sun-Thu 10am-6pm
Fri - Sat 10am-8pm
Kitchen 10am-5pm

19 jun-20 aug
All days  8am - 10pm
Kitchen and Pool 9am - 7pm

21 aug - 17 sep
Reception: Sun - Thu 9am-6pm
Fri - Sat 9am-8pm
Kitchen and Pool 10am-5pm

Pool services ends 31 aug

All prices incl Shower, WC and Pool!
Two cabins are adapted for the disabled. Two cabins are without showers.

MC or bicycle with tent 170 SEK
Caravan/Motorhome without el. 250 SEK
Caravan/Motorhome incl el. 300 SEK
Cabin 4 beds 850 SEK/night
Cabin 4 beds / week 5500 SEK
Season camping: 10000 SEK Incl Shower, WC, El. and Pool.

Rent of linens: 100 SEK/person.
Final cleaning: 600 SEK

For contact and reservations please use the contact page!

How to find us >>> Map!

Pool area
Note: Free entrance for campers.
You use the pool at your own risk.

40 SEK / person and day (all guests)
Children under 4 y o, free.

400 SEK Seasoncard / person.
Children under 4 y o, free.
Ends august 31

800 SEK Seasoncard / family.
(2 adults and 2 children)
Ends august 31

Toreboda Camping & Pool
1. Upon arrival please immediately announce it to the reception desk. The group leader announces groups. Upon your arrival please notify the staff if you bring an extra tent, boat etc with you.

2. If you receive a temporary Campingkort, the staff at the reception desk will take care of it until the day of your departure. Temporary visitors are asked to park their vehicles at the parking space outside of the area. Sometimes temporary visitors are asked to pay a fee.

3. Fees: Please see separate list.

4. The camping host and other staff are responsible for the order in the camp, and will help you if there are any problems.

5. All tent related equipment of common size and model may be used. It is not allowed to set up so called tent houses of a more permanent character. Caravans must be registered to the vehicle.

6. You may not set up your own permanent devices such as a fence. Please ask if you are uncertain of what is allowed or not. Please see to it that your LPG-equipment is tested and approved according to regulations.

7. Please do not disturb the tranquility in the camp by driving any motorized vehicles more than is absolutely necessary. Please do not drive faster than you walk and as little as possible.

8. A general rule on camping sites is to show courtesy. Disturbing conduct is not allowed. Between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. the camping site must be quiet.

9. Help your children to find places, which are suited for games and ball games. You will find many playgrounds for the children. It is not allowed to kick or throw balls among the tents and caravans.

10. Dog owners are asked to show greatest possible consideration to the other guests. Please keep your dog on a short leash and exercise them on the assigned place or outside the area. Please use the area intended as toilet area for dogs.

11. Selling in the area of the camping site is only allowed with the consent of the manager.

12. Please help us to keep the camping site clean and free from litter. Please use the garbage bins on the camping site.

13. Please leave the collective spaces (lavatories, washroom, shower room, kitchen and the dishes) in the same condition, as you yourself want to see them when you arrive.

14. Car washing is only permitted on the assigned space.

15. Departure. If nothing else is agreed upon with our staff at the reception desk, your camping area has to be vacated and cleaned up before 3 p.m. on the day of your departure. The reason for this is out of consideration for new guests. We are appreciative if you leave information about the day of your departure in advance, especially during the peak season.

16. The manager or the staff are not liable for damages or loss off property. Damages to buildings, material or the property of other campers may lead to liabilities to pay damages according to applicable rules.

17. The majority of campers behave considerate toward other guests. When needed the staff may have to take measures against guests who do not respect above simple and obvious rules. Campers who conduct themselves disturbingly on the camping site may be turned away.

18. Take care of the nature, it needs your protection.

19. Using the pool is on your own responsibility. Dive in to the pool is not allowed. The camping takes no responsibility for any valuables.

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